St Mary's church, Oldswinford
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Oldswinford, Stourbridge

Driving through Oldswinford it is easy to completely miss the delightful area around St Mary's Church. Historically, Oldswinford was the original town in the Stourbridge area, which is why so many genealogy searches for the Stourbridge area will often point you to the St Mary's parish records. For more photos of St Mary's please go to the churches section. Back >>>

Brook Road, Wollaston
Castle Grove, Oldswinford
Apartments in Oldswinford Castle
Cottages in Church Road, Oldswinford
Church Road, Oldswinford
Apartments in Church Road
Church Road, Oldswinford
Church road, Oldswinford
Corser Street, Oldswinford
Field Lane, Oldswinford
Glasshouse Hill, Oldswinford
Glasshouse Hill, Oldswinford
Hagley Road, Oldswinford
Heath Lane, Oldswinford
Heath Lane and Corser Street junction
Oldswinford Hospital School
Heath Lane, Stourbridge
Mary Stevens hospice, Oldswinford
Entrance to Mary Stevens  hospice
Mary Stevens Hospice
Love Lane, Stourbridge
Mary Stevens maternity home, Oldswinford
Mary Stevens maternity home, Oldswinford
Oldswinford Cross
Priory Road, Oldswinford
Rectory Road, Oldswinford
Rectory Road, Oldswinford
Red Hill cutting, Oldswinford
St Mary's Church, Oldswinford