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Stourbridge Photos - Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How do I buy images from this website?

A) We do not currently have ecommerce in place yet on this website, that will be phase two of it's development. Consequently we ask you to simply contact us via email, indicating the images and resolution you require. We ask that you pay us, either via Paypal, electronic payment direct to our bank account, or even cheque if you prefer, but images will only be emailed to you when funds are cleared. Please see our costs page for purchasing images.

Q) I want to use a photo on a website, what size image do I need?

A) Generally you do not need such high resolution as for print - most websites are around 800 - 1000 pixels in width, for example, the one you see above is 960 pixels, but sometimes you might need an image smaller than that to go in amongst the text of a page and this might only be around 3 or 400 pixels in width. Please see our photo costs section for a breakdown of image size and costs.

Q) I would like to use a photo for a book we are publishing, are they suitable for this purpose?

A) They are more than adequate. We have been supplying photographs to publishers for years, starting with a 3 megapixel camera, considerably lower image quality than current digital cameras. However, some of our older images taken years ago may not be suitable, but please contact us for more information.

Q) I would like to use one of the photos for a large format print, are they good enough quality for this purpose?

A) It depends on the size of the print and it's intended purpose. Certainly they will be good enough for a lot of large format purposes but we would recommend you get advice from your digital print supplier, they will have a clear understanding of the requirements for your large format print.

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