Obelisk, Wychbury Hill
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Wychbury Hill, Stourbridge

Despite its close proximity to the A456 Birmingham road, Wychbury Hill still manages to have an air of mystery about it. This is partially due to the remains of an iron age fort amongst the trees on the hill, together with the obelisk, complete with "Who put Bella in the Wych Elm?" grafitti on it, plus a Greek Doric temple, it all adds up to it being a slightly creepy place. Back >>>

Wychbury from Stourbridge
Wychbury in Winter
Wychbury Hill view
Wychbury Hill
Winter scene, Wychbury
Wychbury Hill and obelisk
Wychbury Hill in mist
Doric temple, Wychbury
Clent Hills view
Path on Wychbury Hill
Obelisk, Wychbury Hill
Obelisk against the sky
Obelisk in the mist
Wychbury Hill obelisk